Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Weeks 6 Days

I talked to my IM yesterday and I have to say I feel so relieved. I told her the delivery date and she seemed very happy with that. I asked if she was disappointed or bothered and she said no. I am so glad and grateful we can move past this now. It feels reassuring knowing there is an official "end date". Plus I think it makes it more real for her. My family seems happy and are supportive as always.
Yesterday morning I had this sudden pain/irritation downstairs. I hurried to use the restroom but nothing burned or hurt then. I told the nurse who promptly called the doctor. He used a speculum to check things out and tested for amniotic fluid. Tested negative for amniotic fluid and didn't appear to be a yeast infection. So, they tested my urine which came back with trace amounts of blood. They started me on antibiotics while they wait for the culture to grow, it can take a few days. I feel loads better now, just another day :)
My triplet neighbor texted and said she was having sudden pains too, back and belly. I told her she better not have her babies before I have the quads! She promised she wouldn't, we're both still here and preggo. :)
I miss my babies but they might be able to come up this weekend for a visit. My hubby is taking them to the beach today, they're really excited.

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