Saturday, December 17, 2011

Overdue update

Hi all.
I know I've really neglected this blog and updates but I've put all my energy and focus into my family and getting each other back.
I also realized that mentally I needed a break, I couldn't think about it for another second. It wasn't that it was all bad just overwhelming and consuming. I was ready for mindless, easy going days that didn't involve so many people. I've had that, we've redirected our entire family focus and come out stronger than ever.
I am finally back in a place where I am alright thinking about it and even writing about it. I recently decided to go back to school in addition to my full time job and while embarking on that journey discovered I really enjoy reading and writing. I've got some stuff started in the background, I'm not sure if anything while ever come of it but everyone keeps telling me I should write a book about our journey. We'll see...

As far as my recovery, I feel back to myself. I lost most of the weight and worried I'd have food issues. Unfortunately, they were opposite as expected and I love food...a little too much. Everything was so forced for so long that I do still food association issues. I have issues with avocados, shakes, eggs and straws. I have all my energy back and am back on an exercise regime. I do have a lot of expected loose skin on my belly. I'm going to give myself at least 1 year post before even considering corrective surgery. I feel ok with it all though, I know I deserve to be happy and I have a wonderful family that is still by my side.

The babies are all well. They were nearly 20 pounds each at 5 months old. They are in perfect health and meeting milestone of their birth age not their adjusted age. My IM is fortunate to be able to have hired some extra help during the day and at night. She seems so happy and at peace with her new life. She is a fantastic mom and really is the perfect person for this outcome. Friends have been telling her she needs to write a book too. Maybe one day we could write one together. Not sure who would read it though. :) We're hoping to visit them at their home one day in the next few years. They are always sure to keep in touch and my IF is still constantly thanking us.

I'm grateful it's over, relieved with the outcome and blessed to still have my family.

We learned a lot, made mistakes and grew as people. Life can be challenging and unexpected but we'll always manage if we have each other.

Thank you to all my dedicated followers. I deeply relied on your encouragement during my dark days and always felt better after hearing from you. Thank you for your prayers, they were obviously answered.

Love ya!