Sunday, March 27, 2011

21 Weeks 2 Days

Quick update: After doing my monitoring last night, they called saying I had 14 contractions in the hour. Even though I spent all day laying in bed. I only got up to use the restroom and eat dinner. I felt so frustrated but seem to notice that I tend to have more contractions in the afternoon/evening. The nurse said to monitor again while she called Dr. E. However, she quickly called back and said Dr. E only wanted me to take Motrin and go to bed, rest would be good for my body. I was sooo relieved to hear that I didn't have to go to the hospital. And after testing this morning...I only had 2 contractions! I guess we're just learning as we go. But, I don't feel like I can do any less or things any differently. I'm hoping that when we move into our apartment tomorrow, I can stay relaxed and most importantly stay out of the way...I can't get involved. We'll see what happens!

Friday, March 25, 2011

21 Weeks

I'm so thrilled we've made it another week. Well, we are as settled as can be for now. My husband flew home with the kids on Wednesday, everything went great, they are happy to be back in their beds. He's spending his time keeping them busy and says he is ready at a moments notice to drive down and be with my mom and I. My mom and I have been in a hotel since we flew in on Monday. It's a very nice place with a full kitchen and has two bedrooms. I spend my days laying in bed watching TV, researching on the computer or sewing. I haven't gone crazy yet! I do horribly miss the kids, I can't wait to hug their little bodies and kiss their squishy faces again! I spent yesterday morning finding as many reasonable furnished rental homes in this area as I could. I called them all, sent emails and narrowed the search to 2 or 3 places. Due to the time difference where my IM lives, she only has a few hours each afternoon our time to make these calls or arrangements. Well, we did it! The furniture will all be in place my Monday afternoon. My plan is to move in then, see what we need from home, have my husband pack it and drive down Tuesday with the kids. I wish it was tomorrow instead! As for the pregnancy, met the OB on Wednesday, he's the best there is and is perfect for this situation. He feels confident he can keep the babies in until 34 weeks or more! I am so happy to have encouragement and a positive attitude. They did an ultrasound, all the babies looked great, getting big and smashing each other...they all weight between 13-14 ounces. I was set up with a home contraction monitor yesterday, a nurse came and trained my mom and I. So, last night I did my first hour of monitoring (done once in the morning and once in the evening each for an hour) and it didn't turn out well. I registered 7 contractions in one hour with lots of irritability. The nurse called and told me to drink lots of water, go to the bathroom and lay on my left side and after 20 minutes, monitor again for one hour. But after monitoring again for an additional hour, I registered 7 more contractions still with irritability. She then had to call the doctor to see what he wanted to do. He said for me to take Motrin and one hour later test again. After monitoring for one more hour (total of 3 hours of monitoring!) they called and said I registered 6 contractions. She said if I'd had 7 or more they were going to send me to the hospital. What a relief! By then it was 11:30pm and I was exhausted. I was so nervous to monitor this morning worrying what they would say but luckily, I only registered 2 contractions! I've stayed down all day only using the restroom and taking a shower. I just hope we can keep things relaxed and avoid having to go to the hospital at this point. So, for now things are going well. I'm excited to see my husband and kids soon, get settled and just let these babies grow. I've gained almost 30 pounds so far however the doctor and my IP's would like to see me gain at least 50 pounds total so I've been eating away!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20 Weeks

Well this journey sure has thrown us for some curve balls. However, we can manage what ever is thrown our way!
After spending more time with our new OB in the State we relocated to, it was discovered that the OB didn't necessarily support preterm labor or conmplications intervention prior to 24 weeks (viability). However, he repeatedly told me that my uterus was nearly measuring full term with a singleton and I could expect preterm labor anytime. My IP's were devastated to hear that if/when I went into labor nothing would be done to keep the babies in any longer. The babies would likely die.

So they did some more research on other OB's with experience and that support intervention prior and after 24 weeks gestation. And of course, the perfect OB popped up...back in the State we reside in! So, yesterday my Mom and I flew back home and we see the OB tomorrow for our first meeting. We are currently staying in a really nice 2 bedroom suite hotel near the doctor's office until apartment arrangements can be made for us all. My husband is flying back home tomorrow with all three kids....yes, alone with 3 kids!!! Poor guy. I'm going to be saying lots of prayers tomorrow and calling him often. I just can't wait until we're all back safely in the same State.
As soon as an apartment is ready for us all my husband and children will come down to where we are staying so we can all be together. There are lots of activities for the kids to do in the area and I know they will have a great time. We actually have relatives that live in the area and they are thrilled to be so close to the kids and are making outing plans for them all.
It feels good to see happiness on my husband's face, I don't think he was prepared for what this trip was going to be like, he's much happier at home or at least near it :)

My contractions have really slowed down and at some points during the day seem to completely stop. Our new OB did say that he's going to have me on a home contraction monitor that I hook up to twice a day for 1 hour and send the recordings into his office. If I record more than 31/2 contractions per hour, they will call and tell me to go to the hospital. It's so reassuring to know that this OB, his staff and the hospital are willing to fight to keep these babies in and growing. He has had success with getting a few quad moms to nearly 34 weeks...which is amazing! I know we are in the best hands in the Country!
We have all had to make huge and my family and my IP's as well. I know these sacrifices will be rewarded with 4 healthy beautiful babies that can go home safely in their parent's arms. My husband and I know the joys of having healthy babies and enjoying our lives together. We want nothing different for our IP's. They are amazing people and gone out of their way to make me and my family comfortable.

I know there must be enormous guilt on their part but we knew going into this that it was a gift and giving is always easier than receiving!

Please say a prayer for a long healthy pregnancy...grow babies, grow!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

19 Weeks

Well, we arrived safely in our new state, our new home. We are happy to be here knowing we are close to the doctor and hospital that can provide the best care. The flights were fun for the kids...for awhile, then they were just bored with it. However, we survived without much complaining and whining and settled in quickly. We have a wonderful 3 bedroom condo in a gated community with a pool right outside the door, a fitness center and quiet. We are so grateful to my wonderful IP's for going out of their way to arrange all of this for us.
We saw our new OB 2 days after arriving. They did an extensive ultrasound...again and everyone checked out fine. The babies are between 10-11 ounces and growing right on track. My cervical length has stayed at 4.5 cent. besides all of the Braxton Hicks contractions, which is fantastic.
The doctor is great with a wonderful personality, he went over all of the do'es and don'ts from here on out. He encouraged me to rest and stay as stationary as possible and let my body relax. He said there isn't much intervention the medical staff would do before 24 weeks (viability). He explained that my uterus is nearly measuring 40 weeks in size and it doesn't know how many weeks along we are, only how big it is. He said to expect my body to start with more active contractions as I continue to grow based on my uterus preparring for labor/ delivery as normally expected at this size. After 24 weeks I can expect to be hospitalized if I start dilating or having other complications. There aren't many medications they would give other than hospital bed rest, fluids and steroid shots for the babies lungs. Our goal remains the deliver around 34-35 weeks but only time will tell. He said this is more of mental battle than it is a physical one. He stressed the importance of my support team around me and letting them deal with everyday matters such as the children and household things. He said to think of myself as only the incubator and that is my only job.
For now, we will see him every 2 weeks and have the longer anatomy ultrasound scans every 4 weeks. Shortly, we can expect to see him every week for monitoring.
My IP's are arriving into town around April 5th. I'm so excited to see them, give them reassurance once they see me and have them attend doctors appointments. I can't wait to see my IM's reaction when she sees all of her little ones on a ultrasound for herself! Nothing can replace the real thing, no picture or amount of words. She is working on her last minute arrangements for living and travel before it's time to leave, what incredible stress she must be under! I cannot even begin to imagine how she must be feeling.
It's been wonderful having my family here all together each day. My dad and brother are arriving into town today and will be staying for the duration of the pregnancy. Gus and the kids have scouted out all of the fun places...the state zoo, museums, fun resturants as well as the Walmart! Gotta have some Walmart, wherever we go! Gus is insisting I get a wheelchair from my doctor so he can bring me along. Anything we can do to avoid causing any unnecessary contractions.

I feel a huge sense of relief being here and being settled. I know everything will be alright and we will all manage fine here in our new home.

Thank you for all of the support I've received, it means a lot to me.

Oh, and I've gained a total of 23 pounds for the pregnancy...only 27 more to gain in 4 weeks! Hope I get close!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

18 Weeks PICTURES!

Bed rest begins...
So, for the last few days I started having more frequent painless Braxton Hicks type contractions and with a pregnancy like this, it's nothing to mess around with. I think my body has it right, my uterus is about the size of 8-9 months gestation with a single baby so it would be normal to have Braxton Hicks now. However, the risk is, in my situation that they turn into more frequent and painful contractions. For precaution, as soon as I got off work last night, my mom and I went the hospital. They checked my contractions and did a quick ultrasound on the babies. My cervix were unchanged however, I was contracting. Doctor said no more work and off to bed rest. Our plans to relocate weren't meant to happen until around 22 weeks. However, all of us are starting to feel really uncomfortable with being so far away from the knowledgeable doctors and capable hospitals. Viability isn't until 24 weeks but the NICU we'll be going to has been able to save babies from 20 weeks on. Of course, that's not going to happen in our case but we want to be nearby for any complications that may arise.
In addition, we have also decided to deliver in another state. The doctor there has delivered more sets of quadruplets than the one we're seeing here. Yes, I know crazy to move out of state. But, the kids are thrilled, it will be there first time on an airplane and leaving this state. I am excited for them and actually don't feel stressed about the move. We only have a few days to get everything arranged though, we're leaving this weekend. I've made myself lists and am trying to delegate the work since I'm on bed rest :)
Things will work out perfectly and be wonderful.

We had our 18 week anatomy scan today and the babies are doing amazing. And I personally think they are some of the cutest babies, ever!!!
We got some great pictures out of it...3D and 4D. They are measuring ahead of schedule, most after 19 weeks and their heartbeats are great. All of their organs look great, lips, hands, legs...perfect! They confirmed their genders again, 2 of each.

If you can imagine a circle being my belly this is how the genders are sitting in there:
(top to you're looking directly at my tummy)


So the boy at the bottom is the gate keeper and the one at the top likes to keep me in check. He gives me a good little jab if I move in a way he doesn't like.

Here's some pictures from today: