Wednesday, June 15, 2011

32 Weeks 5 Days

Day 61 in the hospital...12 more days until C-section!

Another smooth few days. Had a visit from my kids and my older brother and fam over the weekend. It was really nice and made the time go by quickly.
The first BPP scan was on Monday, everything looked great, all babies scored 8/8. The next will be tomorrow and I'm not expecting anything different.
I've been feeling really good, nothing really to complain about. Although my back gives me trouble but I can't imagine it wouldn't considering :) I'm starting to really feel big, my belly skin is hard and tight, not sure how it's managed to stretch this far. But it's reassuring because I know it means the babies are growing and getting stronger each day in my belly, not in a NICU with cords and IVs and no one holding them.
I'm still in disbelief sometimes that we've come so far and things are going along complication free right now (knock on wood). I've read so many quad blogs and it rarely seems the norm. I figured out, I read just over 30 blogs with the average delivery being 29.5 weeks and only 3 made it to where I'm at now. Only 1 made it to 34 weeks for her scheduled C-section....1!!! I have 12 more days to prove I too can be added to that category! I'm certain I'll be successful.

Here's my progress on baby cross stitch project #2
My lovely daughter decorated my room with a beautifully long paper chain, I love it! She's so thoughtful and creative.


  1. Truly amazing how great you and the babies are doing!! I've been following you for a while now, and thought it's time to say 'Hello". :) Keep it up girl, you're doing awesome!! How's the triplet Mamma that delivered last week? How are the babies doing?

  2. Yay! You are doing amazing and I love your attitude!!! Praying you get to make it that next 12 days!

  3. You have the best can-do attitude. Positivity is a wonderful trait. So happy for how it's all progressing!!