Monday, June 6, 2011

31 Weeks 3 Days

No such luck.

What a weekend! So, all labs still show I don't have anything to worry about pre-e wise, yet.
Last night I started having chest pain and decided to tell my nurse. I ended up with a blood draw, chest xray and an EKG. My chest and lungs looked fine but my mag results were high again. Also, my iron levels were horribly low (7) so they decided to start a blood transfusion right away (it's midnight by now). So, I was up all night with that and they decided to give me IV Lasix (sp) too since I was being given so many fluids. Ya, that's not fun (it makes you get rid of fluids), suddenly realizing you have to pee so bad it's painful! My poor nurse, she sat in my room with me all night.
So, the plan is still day by day, more monitoring and blood tests. Dr. E is stopping the oral Motrin (for contractions) at 32 weeks but has no plans to take off the mag (bummer!). He's saying unless my health situation drastically changes and he feels delivery is necessary, I stay pregnant! I know it's the best place for the babies, I guess we all hit a wall sometimes. I'm nearly there... 3 more weeks exactly! I'm going to force myself to be more positive and goal oriented. Maybe this stranger's blood was all I needed :)

Growth ultrasound on wednesday...excited to see how big they are now!

My hubby and kiddos went back home today after a nice weekend visiting. My hubby seemed extra sad this time but the kids are doing so well. It's funny how we have our ups and downs but we've come so far, there's no way we can fail now!

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  1. 20 days to go at most until you deliver. Then maybe another day or two in the hospital and you will be FREE. I remember that first night in my own bed after hospital bedrest like it was yesterday.....