Saturday, June 4, 2011

31 Weeks

31 weeks! 50 days in the hospital. Belly measuring 53 weeks pregnant, 46" around, 40 pound weight gain.
Yesterday definatley had its ups and downs. After feeling symptomatic from the mag they decided to do a blood draw. My levels were in the toxic range so they had to turn off the mag for 2 hours then lower it to 2.5 from 2.75. All morning I still felt pretty crummy and noticed I wasn't peeing as much as before and blood pressure was higher but not too high.
They decided to run some labs and found out my uric acid levels were elevated and kidney function was worse, all early signs of pre eclampcia. This got Dr. Elliott to rethink his plans with me. He reluctantly decided to give me the steroid shots for the babies lungs knowing it causes contractions. So, I've spent the last 24 hours being given terbulatine shots, IV motrin and they increased the mag back up to 2.75. I'm contracting 8-12 times per hour, up from 2-3. Dr. E said we may not make it to 34 weeks, that is still the goal but we have to take it day by day now. They also started a 24 hour urine collection which will eventually be tested for protein, another indicator of pre e.
So, overall I've noticed increased swelling all over my body and lower urine output. Last night was a rough night with my back, didn't sleep well at all. I'm hoping that's not an indicator of things changing, who knows with me. I have my daily ultrasound in a bit so we'll see what they find there. Hopefully he'll be able to take a quick peak at my cervix.
I have to say that I definitely feel like I've turned a corner, things are getting a lot harder physically and I just have this feeling that it won't be much longer. It would be great to get to 32 weeks so the babies are that much bigger but I'm just proud to have come this far!

Day by day, hour by hour. I'll update if anything changes.


  1. You should be so proud. You have come so far.

  2. Not long now I think. Whenever those babies come now, you have given them many week more than the average. You are doing great.