Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 Weeks 4 Days

Day 46...
Still nothing exciting here. Lots of new bed rest mommas have been admitted in the past few days here. I feel so bad for them.
I'm looking forward to Friday...31 weeks! That will 7 weeks in the hospital. I'm settled into a routine here and most of the nurses know me so the day goes by with ease. Sometimes I feel like this will never end, I here of ladies due after me come and deliver and go home already. I know the best place for the babies is in my belly but I feel so frustrated sometimes. I am grateful there are no complications and nothing seems to stopping us from getting farther along. In my head, I'm set at 34 weeks but my IM is pushing for farther, 35 weeks. I understand her reasoning but my body is already tired and doing more than it should. Plus, 10 weeks of mag is enough! I think I've given all I can them. At this point all I care about is the babies health and mine. Others can judge, put in their opinion but it's my body, my life that's being stretched so thin. I hate complaining or being negative but I just feel so beat down sometimes, like nothing I do will ever be good enough. I never wanted this experience to make me feel like I failed or wasn't good enough. I think what I'm doing, have done is really hard and hopefully nothing as hard will come my way again. I just can't wait to get out of here, I want to sit in a car, open the window and feel the air on my face. I want to smell the clean laundry my kids wear and lay in bed with them. I want to paint their nails, do crafts, go swimming, ride bikes, see a few good movies at the theatre....I 'm ready for my life back! All in all, I know this is my body and I decide what happens. The doctor promised 34 weeks and I'm standing strong with that! Sorry to disappoint but I've made up my mind!

Just saw the doctor. After feeling pretty down, I pressed him to give me a definite date for delivery. He'll be out of town on the day I turn 34 weeks so we settled for Monday June 27th...34 weeks 3 days. Hope that's good enough for my IM but at this point it will have to do, I'm already so mentally and physically strained. I am going to let her know this afternoon.
26 more days to go!

My first completed counted cross stitch project for the babies...3 more to do!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Preggo women support group :)

Just thought I'd share...
There's a number of preggo moms here on bed rest for varying reasons. I convinced the nurses to let me make friends with my neighbors. In the picture with 3 of us, the girl in the middle has triplets and the one on the end has twins. So, 9 babies between us! We look pretty funny going done the hallways! We're all friends now on Facebook and text each other daily. The triplets are due a week behind me so I'm anxious to see who goes first...hopefully me! Glad to have support from every direction and something to look forward to every day.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

30 weeks

Day 44 in the hospital
30 weeks! 46 1/2 inches around, measuring 51 weeks pregnant, 39 pound weight gain overall.
And nothing new to report.
If you were to have asked me if I ever could have spent 6 weeks in the hospital, I would have said heck no! I guess we're all capable of more than we think. I have been laying in the same hospital bed, in the same room with the same window view for 6 weeks now. And if the doctor keeps his promise, I have 4 more weeks until delivery.
For the first time in this pregnancy, any of my pregnancies for that matter, the discomfort is finally getting to me. I only get out of bed to go to the bathroom and just standing up my feet immediately swell and turn red. By the time I get back into bed after throwing myself in, it feels like I can't catch my breath. And even laying still for hours, I can feel my heart beating fast, I have lots of extra blood that my heart is pumping. The most comfortable position is on my left side and I swear my left thigh is developing a bed sore, it really hurts. And the stretch marks! Oh my, I never would have thought my belly could look like this.
All the complaining aside, 30 weeks is truly a triumph. The national average for quads is 29 weeks. I am so grateful for the wonderful staff here, they are constantly reminding me they can't believe I'm still here and pregnant. It's so nice having support coming from every direction.
The intended mom finally let her guard down once I got to 24 weeks and spent the day shopping for the babies, turns out by the afternoon I was admitted into the hospital in labor. So, ever since she's been too paranoid to do any shopping. I hope to be able to help out a bit after the babies are born. I still don't think I'll really get that I carried quads until I see the 4 babies after they're born! I can't even imagine taking them home, just glad it's not me! :)
Hubby and the kids are officially back home and Hubby starts work the beginning of next week. I know I'll be alright without seeing them each day but it won't be easy. They have adjusted so well and don't really seem too affected by all of this. I do notice my Abby is a little sad, she is really close with me so I know this must not be easy for her. Every time she comes to visit, she crawls into the bed with me and just lays by my side as I twirl her hair and we watch a show. She keeps asking me to do things with her that I used to do like paint her nails, go to the store or just play. She understands but it's heartbreaking to tell your kids sorry, I can't. Where's the fast forward button? Get me out of here! :)
There's a wonderful triplet mom next door and she's 1 week behind me. We go outside together a few times per week with the nurses and talk about what we're going through. I keep telling her, she better not deliver before me! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be stuck here forever, they're just going to keep torturing me! :) I know this will be over soon, I have good days and bad days.

Thanks for all the support and words of encouragement, it means a lot to me!

Photobucket The whiteboard in my hospital room.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

29 Weeks

All is quiet here, nothing new has happened...we like that.
My hubby and kids are back home and very happy to be there. I miss them but feel content knowing they're happy. I have my mom here and she's been great to me. She brought me my favorite Chipotle dinner last night to celebrate 29 weeks. My younger brother is here now too and my dad is coming out next week. It's nice to see them especially since after this is all over they'll be on the road again full-time RVing and we'll miss them.
Hubby and I are actively searching for an travel trailer to buy for our family so we can do fun trips. The right "one" hasn't come up yet :(
Stumbled upon a TLC show about multiples yesterday. I quickly texted my mom so she could watch too. They featured a couple on hospital bed rest pregnant with quads. Although, she ended up delivering hers a little after 30 weeks, it's nice to see a successful story. I'm certain we'll get to 34 weeks, there's nothing to stop me!
That's all for now :)

A little tour of my hospital room...exciting, I know!
My IV poll, my lone standing, ever attached companion these days!
My "kitchen" complete with mini-fridge and snacks!
The window seat with a great view of a shopping center parking lot
My bed side table

Thursday, May 19, 2011

28 Weeks 6 Days- Growth Ultrasound

Babies are looking good! They measured 2 lbs 7 oz, 2 lbs 8 oz, 2 lbs 9 oz and 2 lbs 10 oz. Their fluid levels are fine and they were practice breathing.
My IF flew in today and surprised my IM...no one knew he was coming. So, he got to see the scan and visit with the doctor. He was so pleased with the progress and everyone feels really confident that we'll make it to our goal. Dr. E said we'll start talking about a date at 34 weeks. My IPs would like me to go further but Dr. E explained the stress on my body versus one more week, the changes aren't significant enough. So, looks like around June 24th we're going to be having some babies! Yay!

Some fun pics of my stay...
Photobucket My hubby and son watching TV while visiting.
Photobucket The kids being entertained by my brother.
Photobucket A trip outside
Photobucket My beautiful girls
Photobucket Me and my hubby
Photobucket Mu hubby poking my belly

Saturday, May 14, 2011

28 Weeks

Huge milestone...28 weeks.
Everyone is thrilled, the doctors, my family, the intended parents and me! 46" around my belly but unfortunately lost 1 pound. So, I've gained 1 pound in the past 4 weeks. Hopefully it will start picking up soon.
Knock on wood...things have been great and quiet.
My contractions have stayed minimal, got to go outside again the other day, I'm feeling much more alert and less "magged" out.
Although, Dr. E did another fetal fibronectin test (tests for a certain hormone that is released when your body is likely to go into labor in the next 2 weeks) came back positive for the second time in a row. Obviously it doesn't mean much though since I didn't have any babies in the last 2 weeks. Also, with all the meds I'm on even if I did start to go into labor, the doctors would stop it right away, with little consideration of how I might feel :)
Next Thursday is our monthly growth ultrasound, excited to see how that goes.
They have also been checking the fluid levels around each baby since I'm on Motrin via ultrasound. Babies B and C (both girls) have low fluids. They said they want to see the pocket above 2 and they both measured around 2.5. Nothing to worry about now but they are watching it closely. Baby D (the biggest boy) continues to have extra fluid for reasons unknown. I secretly worry about him because on top of the fluid problem, he has a brief heart deceleration during an ultrasound the other day. That prompted the doctors to put him on the belly monitor for an hour. He did fine but his resting heart rate is very low, below the 120's which is interesting since he's the most active of the bunch. I pray there is nothing wrong with him or an urgent situation isn't a reason for delivery.
Photobucket Our celebration cake
Photobucket My beautiful flower table
Photobucket My daily check off calendar...we've come so far!
Photobucket Balloons to celebrate 28 weeks!
My family all came to my room last night with pizza, cake and balloons to celebrate 28 weeks. It was wonderful to finally be at this point, the home stretch. I've been in the hospital 4 weeks now and never thought I'd be strong enough to make it to this point. I do have bad days, days that whenever is see or talk to my husband I can't help but break down and cry (he has those days too) but I also have a lot of good days. We talk often of the future and the wonderful things we are planning to do. I tell the kids, once I'm out of here it will be summer time and we're going to buy water park passes and spend our whole summer together. My husband is going back to work at the end of this month which creates a difficult situation. He's bringing the kids back with him, his parents have offered to babysit at night and take the kids to a sitter in the mornings. They are planning to drive back down on his days off to visit but it will be hard not seeing them everyday. I just keep reminding myself, it won't be forever, this journey will be over soon. I know we can get through this.

Next big goal is 30 weeks...2 weeks from now.
Overall, hoping to stay pregnant for the next 4-6 weeks. So, we're about half way into my hospital stay...maybe :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

27 Weeks

Day 21 in the hospital...
Belly is 441/2 inches around...not growing that fast. I've gained 2 more pounds, so 39 pound gain overall. I have lovely stretch marks now on the underside of my belly. My little ones love rubbing my special "line cream" on my tummy each day. Goddness knows how appealing that's going to look when this is all done :)
I'm slowly getting my appetite back but stomach space is definitely an issue. Found out yesterday I'm anemic so they are trying iron supplements for now. I'm not at a dangerous level so we're just maintaining for now.
Thankfully, the doctor decided that after nearly 3 straight weeks of continuous contraction monitoring they pulled me back to twice per day instead. I'm so relieved and since, it has resulted in fewer terbutaline shots and night time disturbances. I feel much more relaxed, rested and a little freer. Each day seems to get a little better. I'm 1 week away from our next major goal...28 weeks. It feels like at this rate we will make it much farther giving these babies a much better outcome. Although, I always keep in the back of my head that a pregnancy like this can change in an instant. I feel blessed that I don't have gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, swelling or any other common HOM complications.
The doctor did decide that on top of daily ultrasounds to check heart rates they want to do weekly ultrasounds to check the amniotic fluid around each baby since I'm taking Motrin. Today's ultrasound was a little startling...baby B showed really low level (2.6) and baby D showed a really high level (10). The doctor said if B continues to be low they'll have to stop the Motrin. Baby D's levels being high is usually related to gestational diabetes however, that can't be this case for me. One of the other concerns is a birth defect kind of problem that wouldn't be determined until after birth. I just hope it is nothing and both resolve themselves. Everything else looked good though...2 lower babies are now breach and the 2 upper are laying sideways kind of butt to butt.
The kids are going to spend the weekend with my sister in law in our hometown while my hubby stays here alone. He's pretty excited and I think at this point welcomes the break. Although he's insisting on spending his time here in the hospital sleeping over and watching movies.
Our IP's kindly put our family up in a very nice apartment complex nearby the hospital. My family has a 3 bedroom, my mom a 2 bedroom and my IM is staying in the same complex with her children as well. Long story short, my hubby recently discovered the guy across the way who has 2 children that play with ours each day, is a tattoo artist. My hubby has been longing to add to his "collection" with something related to the kids. So, ever since the neighbor has been coming over and making house call tattoo time for my hubby. Needless to say now that he has a built in tattoo artist my hubby is now just a few tattoos away from having complete sleeves on both arms. It's wonderful seeing him so happy about it but it's definitely become an addiction. At least he has something to occupy his time now :)

Say a prayer for at least 1 more week of pregnancy!