Sunday, June 12, 2011

32 Weeks

Day 58 in the hospital
40 pound weight gain
Belly measuring 47 1/2" around and 53 weeks pregnant
4 strong heartbeats moving all around

Amazing!!! So relieved to be at this point. Some thought it couldn't be done, but we did it! The risks to the babies drops significantly from this point on, I am so happy about that. I'm mentally preparing for NICU time but I know it will be much shorter than other quads.
I've been feeling good, I go outside in the wheel chair everyday. The doctor said it was fine if I wanted to sit in a chair in my room instead of laying in the bed all day. Although it's not comfortable for long, it's nice having that privilege. At this point mentally, I feel strong and capable of getting through the next 14 days. Each day seems all to similar to the one before it but it's doable, easy. Less interruptions, interventions and mental strain than before...I like it that way. Right now, I'm watching a TV series from Netflix on my IPad and finishing my second of four cross stitch projects for the babies. That pretty much fills my day along with my daily visitors. I am ok with that to get through each day. I'm anxious for the delivery and think about it often. But I know keeping my mind quiet and occupied is best. I feel supported and cheered on from every direction, we've accomplished so much, I'm still amazed!
I hope one day I can offer support to a fellow surrogate or expectant quad mom. And although this wasn't on my bucket list, I'm glad I was fortunate enough to have been apart of this amazing experience. With the help of the best doctors, nurses, family and friends, we have been successful!
Tomorrow we start 2 times per week bio physical profiles on the babies.
So, if my water doesn't break or I don't have a bleed, I don't develop sudden pre-e or there aren't any urgent problems with the babies...they will officially come into this world on June 27th around 9:30 am!!!!


  1. I don't think there could be a better person to carry those babies! Your positive attitude is so inspiring.
    I have one question, and it is totally out of curiousity.Is there a disadvantage to go beyond June 27th if you are doing well?

  2. *APPLAUSE*!! You my dear, are one amazing surromama!!!!