Sunday, March 6, 2011

18 Weeks PICTURES!

Bed rest begins...
So, for the last few days I started having more frequent painless Braxton Hicks type contractions and with a pregnancy like this, it's nothing to mess around with. I think my body has it right, my uterus is about the size of 8-9 months gestation with a single baby so it would be normal to have Braxton Hicks now. However, the risk is, in my situation that they turn into more frequent and painful contractions. For precaution, as soon as I got off work last night, my mom and I went the hospital. They checked my contractions and did a quick ultrasound on the babies. My cervix were unchanged however, I was contracting. Doctor said no more work and off to bed rest. Our plans to relocate weren't meant to happen until around 22 weeks. However, all of us are starting to feel really uncomfortable with being so far away from the knowledgeable doctors and capable hospitals. Viability isn't until 24 weeks but the NICU we'll be going to has been able to save babies from 20 weeks on. Of course, that's not going to happen in our case but we want to be nearby for any complications that may arise.
In addition, we have also decided to deliver in another state. The doctor there has delivered more sets of quadruplets than the one we're seeing here. Yes, I know crazy to move out of state. But, the kids are thrilled, it will be there first time on an airplane and leaving this state. I am excited for them and actually don't feel stressed about the move. We only have a few days to get everything arranged though, we're leaving this weekend. I've made myself lists and am trying to delegate the work since I'm on bed rest :)
Things will work out perfectly and be wonderful.

We had our 18 week anatomy scan today and the babies are doing amazing. And I personally think they are some of the cutest babies, ever!!!
We got some great pictures out of it...3D and 4D. They are measuring ahead of schedule, most after 19 weeks and their heartbeats are great. All of their organs look great, lips, hands, legs...perfect! They confirmed their genders again, 2 of each.

If you can imagine a circle being my belly this is how the genders are sitting in there:
(top to you're looking directly at my tummy)


So the boy at the bottom is the gate keeper and the one at the top likes to keep me in check. He gives me a good little jab if I move in a way he doesn't like.

Here's some pictures from today:


  1. Amazing! Good luck with the relocation.

  2. WOW!! Amazing U/S pictures! I hope everything goes safely and smoothly with relocating and that babies stay safe and warm in-utero for MANY more weeks to come!