Tuesday, March 22, 2011

20 Weeks

Well this journey sure has thrown us for some curve balls. However, we can manage what ever is thrown our way!
After spending more time with our new OB in the State we relocated to, it was discovered that the OB didn't necessarily support preterm labor or conmplications intervention prior to 24 weeks (viability). However, he repeatedly told me that my uterus was nearly measuring full term with a singleton and I could expect preterm labor anytime. My IP's were devastated to hear that if/when I went into labor nothing would be done to keep the babies in any longer. The babies would likely die.

So they did some more research on other OB's with experience and that support intervention prior and after 24 weeks gestation. And of course, the perfect OB popped up...back in the State we reside in! So, yesterday my Mom and I flew back home and we see the OB tomorrow for our first meeting. We are currently staying in a really nice 2 bedroom suite hotel near the doctor's office until apartment arrangements can be made for us all. My husband is flying back home tomorrow with all three kids....yes, alone with 3 kids!!! Poor guy. I'm going to be saying lots of prayers tomorrow and calling him often. I just can't wait until we're all back safely in the same State.
As soon as an apartment is ready for us all my husband and children will come down to where we are staying so we can all be together. There are lots of activities for the kids to do in the area and I know they will have a great time. We actually have relatives that live in the area and they are thrilled to be so close to the kids and are making outing plans for them all.
It feels good to see happiness on my husband's face, I don't think he was prepared for what this trip was going to be like, he's much happier at home or at least near it :)

My contractions have really slowed down and at some points during the day seem to completely stop. Our new OB did say that he's going to have me on a home contraction monitor that I hook up to twice a day for 1 hour and send the recordings into his office. If I record more than 31/2 contractions per hour, they will call and tell me to go to the hospital. It's so reassuring to know that this OB, his staff and the hospital are willing to fight to keep these babies in and growing. He has had success with getting a few quad moms to nearly 34 weeks...which is amazing! I know we are in the best hands in the Country!
We have all had to make huge sacrifices...me and my family and my IP's as well. I know these sacrifices will be rewarded with 4 healthy beautiful babies that can go home safely in their parent's arms. My husband and I know the joys of having healthy babies and enjoying our lives together. We want nothing different for our IP's. They are amazing people and gone out of their way to make me and my family comfortable.

I know there must be enormous guilt on their part but we knew going into this that it was a gift and giving is always easier than receiving!

Please say a prayer for a long healthy pregnancy...grow babies, grow!

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  1. I'm so glad you found a doctor closer to home!! I don't envy your husband flying home with three kids by himself, but he'll make it... maybe purchasing a drink on the plane will help ;) I wish you the best and a most uneventful quad pregnancy!