Thursday, March 17, 2011

19 Weeks

Well, we arrived safely in our new state, our new home. We are happy to be here knowing we are close to the doctor and hospital that can provide the best care. The flights were fun for the kids...for awhile, then they were just bored with it. However, we survived without much complaining and whining and settled in quickly. We have a wonderful 3 bedroom condo in a gated community with a pool right outside the door, a fitness center and quiet. We are so grateful to my wonderful IP's for going out of their way to arrange all of this for us.
We saw our new OB 2 days after arriving. They did an extensive ultrasound...again and everyone checked out fine. The babies are between 10-11 ounces and growing right on track. My cervical length has stayed at 4.5 cent. besides all of the Braxton Hicks contractions, which is fantastic.
The doctor is great with a wonderful personality, he went over all of the do'es and don'ts from here on out. He encouraged me to rest and stay as stationary as possible and let my body relax. He said there isn't much intervention the medical staff would do before 24 weeks (viability). He explained that my uterus is nearly measuring 40 weeks in size and it doesn't know how many weeks along we are, only how big it is. He said to expect my body to start with more active contractions as I continue to grow based on my uterus preparring for labor/ delivery as normally expected at this size. After 24 weeks I can expect to be hospitalized if I start dilating or having other complications. There aren't many medications they would give other than hospital bed rest, fluids and steroid shots for the babies lungs. Our goal remains the deliver around 34-35 weeks but only time will tell. He said this is more of mental battle than it is a physical one. He stressed the importance of my support team around me and letting them deal with everyday matters such as the children and household things. He said to think of myself as only the incubator and that is my only job.
For now, we will see him every 2 weeks and have the longer anatomy ultrasound scans every 4 weeks. Shortly, we can expect to see him every week for monitoring.
My IP's are arriving into town around April 5th. I'm so excited to see them, give them reassurance once they see me and have them attend doctors appointments. I can't wait to see my IM's reaction when she sees all of her little ones on a ultrasound for herself! Nothing can replace the real thing, no picture or amount of words. She is working on her last minute arrangements for living and travel before it's time to leave, what incredible stress she must be under! I cannot even begin to imagine how she must be feeling.
It's been wonderful having my family here all together each day. My dad and brother are arriving into town today and will be staying for the duration of the pregnancy. Gus and the kids have scouted out all of the fun places...the state zoo, museums, fun resturants as well as the Walmart! Gotta have some Walmart, wherever we go! Gus is insisting I get a wheelchair from my doctor so he can bring me along. Anything we can do to avoid causing any unnecessary contractions.

I feel a huge sense of relief being here and being settled. I know everything will be alright and we will all manage fine here in our new home.

Thank you for all of the support I've received, it means a lot to me.

Oh, and I've gained a total of 23 pounds for the pregnancy...only 27 more to gain in 4 weeks! Hope I get close!

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  1. WOW look at your belly growing! You look incredible and I'm thrilled to hear y'all are settled! :)