Friday, March 25, 2011

21 Weeks

I'm so thrilled we've made it another week. Well, we are as settled as can be for now. My husband flew home with the kids on Wednesday, everything went great, they are happy to be back in their beds. He's spending his time keeping them busy and says he is ready at a moments notice to drive down and be with my mom and I. My mom and I have been in a hotel since we flew in on Monday. It's a very nice place with a full kitchen and has two bedrooms. I spend my days laying in bed watching TV, researching on the computer or sewing. I haven't gone crazy yet! I do horribly miss the kids, I can't wait to hug their little bodies and kiss their squishy faces again! I spent yesterday morning finding as many reasonable furnished rental homes in this area as I could. I called them all, sent emails and narrowed the search to 2 or 3 places. Due to the time difference where my IM lives, she only has a few hours each afternoon our time to make these calls or arrangements. Well, we did it! The furniture will all be in place my Monday afternoon. My plan is to move in then, see what we need from home, have my husband pack it and drive down Tuesday with the kids. I wish it was tomorrow instead! As for the pregnancy, met the OB on Wednesday, he's the best there is and is perfect for this situation. He feels confident he can keep the babies in until 34 weeks or more! I am so happy to have encouragement and a positive attitude. They did an ultrasound, all the babies looked great, getting big and smashing each other...they all weight between 13-14 ounces. I was set up with a home contraction monitor yesterday, a nurse came and trained my mom and I. So, last night I did my first hour of monitoring (done once in the morning and once in the evening each for an hour) and it didn't turn out well. I registered 7 contractions in one hour with lots of irritability. The nurse called and told me to drink lots of water, go to the bathroom and lay on my left side and after 20 minutes, monitor again for one hour. But after monitoring again for an additional hour, I registered 7 more contractions still with irritability. She then had to call the doctor to see what he wanted to do. He said for me to take Motrin and one hour later test again. After monitoring for one more hour (total of 3 hours of monitoring!) they called and said I registered 6 contractions. She said if I'd had 7 or more they were going to send me to the hospital. What a relief! By then it was 11:30pm and I was exhausted. I was so nervous to monitor this morning worrying what they would say but luckily, I only registered 2 contractions! I've stayed down all day only using the restroom and taking a shower. I just hope we can keep things relaxed and avoid having to go to the hospital at this point. So, for now things are going well. I'm excited to see my husband and kids soon, get settled and just let these babies grow. I've gained almost 30 pounds so far however the doctor and my IP's would like to see me gain at least 50 pounds total so I've been eating away!

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