Sunday, May 29, 2011

30 weeks

Day 44 in the hospital
30 weeks! 46 1/2 inches around, measuring 51 weeks pregnant, 39 pound weight gain overall.
And nothing new to report.
If you were to have asked me if I ever could have spent 6 weeks in the hospital, I would have said heck no! I guess we're all capable of more than we think. I have been laying in the same hospital bed, in the same room with the same window view for 6 weeks now. And if the doctor keeps his promise, I have 4 more weeks until delivery.
For the first time in this pregnancy, any of my pregnancies for that matter, the discomfort is finally getting to me. I only get out of bed to go to the bathroom and just standing up my feet immediately swell and turn red. By the time I get back into bed after throwing myself in, it feels like I can't catch my breath. And even laying still for hours, I can feel my heart beating fast, I have lots of extra blood that my heart is pumping. The most comfortable position is on my left side and I swear my left thigh is developing a bed sore, it really hurts. And the stretch marks! Oh my, I never would have thought my belly could look like this.
All the complaining aside, 30 weeks is truly a triumph. The national average for quads is 29 weeks. I am so grateful for the wonderful staff here, they are constantly reminding me they can't believe I'm still here and pregnant. It's so nice having support coming from every direction.
The intended mom finally let her guard down once I got to 24 weeks and spent the day shopping for the babies, turns out by the afternoon I was admitted into the hospital in labor. So, ever since she's been too paranoid to do any shopping. I hope to be able to help out a bit after the babies are born. I still don't think I'll really get that I carried quads until I see the 4 babies after they're born! I can't even imagine taking them home, just glad it's not me! :)
Hubby and the kids are officially back home and Hubby starts work the beginning of next week. I know I'll be alright without seeing them each day but it won't be easy. They have adjusted so well and don't really seem too affected by all of this. I do notice my Abby is a little sad, she is really close with me so I know this must not be easy for her. Every time she comes to visit, she crawls into the bed with me and just lays by my side as I twirl her hair and we watch a show. She keeps asking me to do things with her that I used to do like paint her nails, go to the store or just play. She understands but it's heartbreaking to tell your kids sorry, I can't. Where's the fast forward button? Get me out of here! :)
There's a wonderful triplet mom next door and she's 1 week behind me. We go outside together a few times per week with the nurses and talk about what we're going through. I keep telling her, she better not deliver before me! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be stuck here forever, they're just going to keep torturing me! :) I know this will be over soon, I have good days and bad days.

Thanks for all the support and words of encouragement, it means a lot to me!

Photobucket The whiteboard in my hospital room.


  1. Praying that you wake up and time has fast forwarded four weeks so that you can be sprung. You are doing wonderfully.

  2. I am so impressed. This will be over before you know it so try to enjoy each day.