Friday, May 6, 2011

27 Weeks

Day 21 in the hospital...
Belly is 441/2 inches around...not growing that fast. I've gained 2 more pounds, so 39 pound gain overall. I have lovely stretch marks now on the underside of my belly. My little ones love rubbing my special "line cream" on my tummy each day. Goddness knows how appealing that's going to look when this is all done :)
I'm slowly getting my appetite back but stomach space is definitely an issue. Found out yesterday I'm anemic so they are trying iron supplements for now. I'm not at a dangerous level so we're just maintaining for now.
Thankfully, the doctor decided that after nearly 3 straight weeks of continuous contraction monitoring they pulled me back to twice per day instead. I'm so relieved and since, it has resulted in fewer terbutaline shots and night time disturbances. I feel much more relaxed, rested and a little freer. Each day seems to get a little better. I'm 1 week away from our next major goal...28 weeks. It feels like at this rate we will make it much farther giving these babies a much better outcome. Although, I always keep in the back of my head that a pregnancy like this can change in an instant. I feel blessed that I don't have gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, swelling or any other common HOM complications.
The doctor did decide that on top of daily ultrasounds to check heart rates they want to do weekly ultrasounds to check the amniotic fluid around each baby since I'm taking Motrin. Today's ultrasound was a little B showed really low level (2.6) and baby D showed a really high level (10). The doctor said if B continues to be low they'll have to stop the Motrin. Baby D's levels being high is usually related to gestational diabetes however, that can't be this case for me. One of the other concerns is a birth defect kind of problem that wouldn't be determined until after birth. I just hope it is nothing and both resolve themselves. Everything else looked good though...2 lower babies are now breach and the 2 upper are laying sideways kind of butt to butt.
The kids are going to spend the weekend with my sister in law in our hometown while my hubby stays here alone. He's pretty excited and I think at this point welcomes the break. Although he's insisting on spending his time here in the hospital sleeping over and watching movies.
Our IP's kindly put our family up in a very nice apartment complex nearby the hospital. My family has a 3 bedroom, my mom a 2 bedroom and my IM is staying in the same complex with her children as well. Long story short, my hubby recently discovered the guy across the way who has 2 children that play with ours each day, is a tattoo artist. My hubby has been longing to add to his "collection" with something related to the kids. So, ever since the neighbor has been coming over and making house call tattoo time for my hubby. Needless to say now that he has a built in tattoo artist my hubby is now just a few tattoos away from having complete sleeves on both arms. It's wonderful seeing him so happy about it but it's definitely become an addiction. At least he has something to occupy his time now :)

Say a prayer for at least 1 more week of pregnancy!

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