Saturday, April 2, 2011

22 Weeks

Not a whole lot going on here. My hubby and kids arrived safely after a surprise knock on the door 1 day early. It was a blessed feeling to see their faces and hug on them. We've quickly settled into our place. It's a wonderful environment for the kids and they've loved going to the pool, riding their bikes and having responsibilities like taking out the trash. I was able to get a wheelchair and handicap placard last week so I have gone out a few times. We went to the store and the kids took turns pushing me in the wheelchair, it was really nice. I'm hoping we can take the kids to see a movie at the theater before things change for me. My contractions have been going alright. I have good days and bad days but I can't seem to relate it anything in particular. On a day I was more active and up I would have less contractions than on a day I stayed laying down all day...who knows! Although, I am grateful for the monitor, knowing I always have someone to call and I don't have to spend my time guessing. My IP's are arriving into town this weekend and we are thrilled. I can't wait to see the kids! They are going to be able to attend their first OB appointment with me on Tuesday and an ultrasound on Wednesday. I can't wait to see their reactions to seeing their babies for the first time! So, for now things (hopefully) will remain quiet. I'm hopeful I can stay out of the hospital for a long time to come and look forward to spending my time watching the kids play around the house and at the pool. Dr. E did say that spending time in the pool would be really good for my back and rib pain so, I come! Say a prayer for many more weeks of growth!


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences of surrogacy!
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  2. I hope you stay out of the hospital too. Is there any type of protocal with quads . . . like you'll have to go in at a certain time or will they let you stay home the whole time as long as things continue to go well?