Saturday, April 9, 2011

23 Weeks

Woohoo for 23 weeks! Only 1 more week to go till viability! I know we'll make it to this very important milestone and way beyond.

We've had my IP's here in town for a week now, it's been great. It was wonderful to see the kids again and have the opportunity to visit with them. We have a long road ahead of but I'm so grateful to have them here by my side now.

My weight gain has gone well...35 pounds however I only have 1 more week to go until I hit the 24 week/50 pound weight gain point. Not sure how close I'll get but I'm just proud at what I've done so far, it wasn't easy.

The babies are all doing well, had another anatomy scan on Wednesday.
I am still using the contraction monitor twice daily and things really got out of control for awhile there but since Dr. E has put me on some new medication. Ibuprofen 600 MG and Nifedipine 10 MG...every 6 hours stairsteped every 3. It has been a huge help, almost cut my daily contractions in half. The only downside is I have to wake up at night every 3 hours to take the medication but it could be much worse! The goal is to stay out of the hospital and bed rest at home surrounded by my family. Every now and then I get to get out, my husband will push me at the store in my wheelchair...those are the best moments together with the kids. I also get to visit with my IP's every day since they're so close. It feels good being settled and building relationships with each other. This experience has already changed us so much, the relationship between my husband and I, the relationship between my IP's and I as well as with my family.
If things continue to go well, I'm hopeful that Dr. E might approve a trip with the family to a local amusement park. We are in such a wonderful area with so much to do, I'm just bummed that I don't get to go along and see the kids happy. But, like I said before it could be so much worse.

Keeping a positive attitude and certain things will continue to be well!

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  1. I am new to your blog. I am a one time GS. I am amazed by your journey! You are outstanding! Carrying quads! Wow! I wish you the best on the remainder of your journey! I hope you dont mind, I shared your blog with my fellow surrogates! :)