Tuesday, April 26, 2011

25 Weeks 4 days

Being in the hospital is definitely not my favorite place. After my doctor ordered that I was allowed to shower "if stable" it took the nurses 2 days to finally let me! I felt so frustrated and locked up, like jail might feel. Afterwards though, I feel like a new person with many more weeks left in me...until I want to shower again :) The nurses here are nice but some are just more rigid and uptight than others. My hubby and kiddos visit everyday and lay around with me.  My mom brings me fresh fruit, veggies and snacks to keep up with my organic 4000 calorie diet. I seem to keep losing weight the longer I'm here...it's weird....37 pound gain so far. 
I fill my days with going online with my IPad, cross stitching for the babies, coloring (my aunt brought me an "adult" coloring book...silly, I know but I love it...lol) and knitting; a hospital volunteer comes by every few days to teach patients how to knit certain things, I'm learning to do baby booties. 
I am doing my best to stay positive and admit I have my moments of weakness when all I want to do is cry and run out of here. 
The doctors are still fighting my contractions, daily. Yesterday I was contracting every 2-3 minutes for no reason, they gave me another shot of terbutaline and knocked them out. They still have me on the 2.25 IV magnesium level. I'm assuming if my uterus remains irritable they'll up the magnesium. We're still hopeful to make it to 34 weeks but my only fear is my body is going to keep fighting and after awhile become too powerful for all of these medications. I just pray we get to at least 28 weeks so the babies can have a chance...2 more weeks to go!
I had family stop by all weekend and enjoyed the distraction. I know this will be over soon, a distant memory and real life will start back up. I'm trying to appreciate what this situation has to offer, extra time together and to myself, but I had to admit, I really like and miss my busier life!


  1. So sorry. Keep your chin up, you are doing a great job trying to keep those babies in. Yay for a shower!!! Keep on baby bakin :)

  2. Hang in there. One stat that helped me alot when I was on hospital bedrest was that for every day the babies stayed inside me, it saved them three days in the NICU. I know it sucks to lay when you are used to going. We are all thinking of you and praying for you.

  3. You can do this. Stay strong.