Friday, December 31, 2010

9 Weeks

We have officially entered week 9. In my opinion things are going great. I feel good just really, really tired. I have pretty much given up on shopping, picking up the house. Everything just stays in disarray. I'm not used to being so disorganized but I'm just too tired to even care :) I'm grateful for our house keeper...thanks Annette!! (And my IM) I know things are growing in there, any extended standing leaves me with painful cramping and stretching feeling. The doctor said it's from my ligaments stretching for my super fast growing uterus. I don't feel like I look pregnant yet. Although, according to what I've read and seen, by 24 weeks my uterus will be the size it would be with a full term singleton. So, I'm sure I will start growing very quickly very soon...that's only 15 weeks away.

I got some really fantastic news today. We've been struggling to quickly find a nanny/cook for the house, there just doesn't seem to be a demand for experienced people in my area. Nothing seemed to work out or feel right. My mom and I previously talked about her coming to stay with us to be our nanny....who wouldn't want their mom in this sort of situation?? Nothing is better than that! Due to their travel situation, there wouldn't have been able to come up until the middle of February but we need the help now. She called today and said, "I'm coming, I'll find a way and will be there next week!" I was thrilled and felt so relieved at the same time. The search was over, I'd have my mom and help...the best of both worlds. I'm so lucky to have my wonderful parents, supportive husband and incredible IP's! Life is good...

Going into this new year, I am certain this is what was meant for us. This will be a challenging journey for me, my family and friends but I know it will bring us all closer and we will have 4 wonderful babies in the end.
We have decided to hold off on anymore unnecessary ultrasounds until the normal 12 week ultrasound quad testing. I will be released to my OB starting at 11 weeks and we'll be off from there.

The nutritional requirements are hard. The ideal calorie intake is around 4500 calories and 225 grams of protein each day. We have converted to shopping all organic at Trader Joes and cooking everything from scratch. My goal is to pack on some weight between now and 20 weeks...around 40-50 pounds. That equals to be about 3-5 pounds per week! Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle, every time I get on the scale, I weigh less instead of more...I've lost nearly 5 pounds so far. My appetite has been less and I normally have to force myself to eat so I know it will get better once I start feeling better. Just hope that's soon! I've read a number of other blogs by quad moms who had the same struggle and overcame in the end. I just takes so much to help these babies get big and strong.

My very thoughtful IF sent me a package from Amazon that I received in the mail yesterday. He told me that when he found out about the quads, he had been listening to an audio book on CD in his car while on his way to work. He said it matched perfectly with the miracle that was happening to us all and the bond it created. So, he purchased the same CD and had it beautifully gift wrapped and mailed to me. It made me so happy to be so thought of and cared for. I am looking forward to listening to the CD's while on bed rest. (the book is called "The Secret")

Thank you to all my supporters around me including my wonderful coworkers. Thank you for the prayers, encouragement to eat and emotional strength. I couldn't do this with out all of you!

Happy New's going to monumental!!!


  1. Hi it's Maggie from SMO. I see your IF sent you the Secret - I love that book! I hope it will help you through the hard parts of this pregnancy.

  2. I love The Secret! I really do believe in mind-over-matter in so many aspects and think it had something to do with our successful transfer last year. Now I'm hoping it has something to do with a successful delivery in February ;) Glad you're feeling well and that you have a wonderful support system - best wishes for a great 2011!

  3. My mom was able to come out both times (with my surro twins) for about a month. It was very nice to have her help out and of course my kids loved having "Granny Red" around for that long.