Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Ultrasound

My surrogate journey started in my head before any of my own children were even born. From the first time I heard of the idea, I knew it was something I wanted to do for someone.
With the support of my husband and as soon as we were done having our own 3 children, I began the process. I was quickly matched with a wonderful couple from another Country. They had 1 young daughter already and the mom was praying for a large family. In November 2009 I gave birth to their son. They decided to try for one more and asked if I'd help. I agreed and off we went.
On 11/17/10 the doctor transferred embryos into my body. I spent the next 2 weeks having blood test and just waiting. They confirmed I was indeed pregnant through a blood test and I anxiously waited for our ultrasound on 12/14/10 to find out how many were growing. I new there was more than one but that's all I knew.

My husband was thrilled to attend the first ultrasound with me, he proudly stood by my side holding and rubbing my hands. The technician quickly turned the monitor away from me so I could not see what she was looking at. She then looked at me seriously and said, "I need you wait a minute then I'll show you the monitor." I knew right then something was coming. I watched my husband's face as he stared at what she was seeing. I could see her mouth moving as if she was counting or seriously thinking, she turned and said cheerfully, "Are you ready?" "Ready for what?" I said. "To know how many there are!" She said. Oh my gosh, really? When you have to prepare me for what you're about to say, it can't be good. I would never say what she said next was bad, just shocking....4! She yelled it out with excitement. I started shaking and couldn't hold back the tears. It was so unexpected and unknown and new and wow...what are we going to do? Luckily, my wonderful husband Gus was right there, he kept saying we'll be ok, this was meant to be.
Later in the day I got to tell the parents over the phone. I made sure they were sitting down and spilled the news. She was shocked as well and almost speechless, I'd say. She was happy, of course. She got right to the thinking part and ok, we can do this. She called me a clever girl but seemed slightly disappointed that the doctor misled them a bit.
Since, she calls each day and asks how I'm feeling. We are both online constantly researching nutrition and what to expect for the next few months. We both know that bed rest is in the near future and I'm going to need help at home with the kids and the household chores. She is always there to support me, every step of the way.
Wow, what a journey we have ahead of us.
These little babies were meant to be on this earth and with my help, they shall!!!


  1. I can't wait to see all of you in a few days. I think about you and the babies all the time and hope that you are feeling well. It is such a great gift that you are giving the parents. - Mom

  2. I'm just now getting started with your blog and I can' wait to read whats to come. Best wishes!!

  3. I am glad that I found this Blog. I am a surrogate in canada and just found out yesterday that I am carrying quads!!

    1. I know exactly how you must be feeling. Read through the blog, hopefully you find some useful information. Email be anytime @