Friday, February 18, 2011

16 Weeks- 4 Months

So glad to be here, complication free!

I'm feeling good, hungry and as comfortable as expected. I'm having trouble sleeping at night with the babies shifting themselves and creating these odd wrenching feelings in my belly. Plus, I'm very conscious of dangerous warning signs to be watching for so I spend more time analyzing each pain than I normally would.
We are all amazed each day at how much my belly grows, daily it really seems. I know that since this is my 5th pregnancy my body will bulge out faster than someone else's might. I still find myself looking down at my belly and saying I can't believe there are 4 babies in there!!!
I'm braving a trip to a great science museum about 31/2 hours away from home tomorrow for my childrens' birthdays. I'm on the fence about how I feel about using a wheel chair but we have one for when I give up. I have been struggling with major back pain, I can't seem to do more than 1 physical activity (such as buying a few things at the store) a day without coming home practically in tears and needing to lay down and sleep for a few hours. I know it's my body's way of slowing me down and I'm listening! I just hope my kids aren't too embarrassed to have me pushed around while they look around.
I'm officially stopping work at 20 weeks so I can be at home relaxing and eating. I had my first official weight taken where I actually gained...9 pounds in 3 weeks!!! Now, only 40 more pounds to gain in 8 weeks. I'm certain I'll get close, it's my goal at least. My IP's requested I send them my food journals so they can also see what I've been eating each day. After struggling with trying to figure out how many calories and grams of protein each item I ate had each day, I finally found this great App for my IPad/IPod. It's called LoseIt and is meant for someone looking to lose weight however, it works as a great food log. You search through its extensive list of foods, pick your items and how much you ate and your done. When the weeks over, it even allows you to create an emailable version of each day. It has made the daily caloric requirement of 4,000 seem much more doable especially once it's all written down and calculated.

I did purchase a really great belly support band from a local maternity retail store called Mom-Ez Maternity Support. They come in sizes and offer an adjustable elastic waist band for comfort and support. I wore it the other day and I did feel a little better. It runs about $45.00 but to me, well worth the price, plus if you submit the receipt with a note from your doctor, your insurance my reimburse you as medical equipment.

With the support of my IM I also purchased a few body support pillows designed for pregnancy. I know they will come in especially handy if I end up on hospital bed rest. I just got one yesterday and used it in bed last night. The great thing about it is it's versatility and ability to wrap it or lay it different ways, even as back support while sitting on the couch.
It's called a LeachCo Snoogle Total Body Pillow

I also purchased a sleeping wedge called the LeachCo Pregnancy Comfort Wedge. I'm so glad to have all of these modern conveniences!

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  1. Funny!!! This is my 5th pregnancy meant to be. I am really enjoying your blog, it is really helping to put my mind at ease....would you be able to remember some of the questions you had for your OB?? I want to be prepared when I see mine.