Monday, February 7, 2011

15 Weeks- BIG NEWS!!!

Hello back pain!

Can't believe it's here already...but my belly is growing.

I have had to slow down signifantly lately from the back pain and from being exhausted. My mom has been a huge help. She comes over each morning to get the kids ready and fed for school, drives them to school and cooks all our meals. She packs food for me to take to work each day and I feel like all I do is eat, but I am hungry! Well, she's doing it right, according to my home scale I've gained 7 pounds!!!

A girlfriend at work has named it "Operation Melissa Weight Gain." I have moms everywhere I turn, it's great. I feel supported, motivated and encouraged that this is possible. I'm certain I will get close to the 50 pound weight gain by 24 weeks.

My mom accompanied me to see our OB for our second trip down to LA on Wednesday. The drive was uneventful in our rented car, except for her dropping her IPhone at the gas station and running it over....but, she got a new phone out of the ordeal! We're the type of family that cannot do anything without having some sort of mishap, it's a family curse.

The doctor was friendly and casual, after a quick ultrasound he said they all looked great and measured right on target. They seemed so much bigger than just a few weeks before.

I asked if it was too early to tell their genders but he said he'd look. In the end he quickly added,



I knew it! What a perfect family my IP's are going to have. I was so thrilled when they called and was able to give my IM the news. She was very happy and said she was glad for each of her children that they would both be getting 2 of each to play with. I know this was meant to be and feel the only thing missing is my IP's. They are planning to relocate down to LA at the beginning of April, I'm looking forward to having her attend the appointments with me after that. I know it will make it more real for her.

Here's their 15 week scan pictures:
(the doc didn't label them but there's a snapshot of each baby)


  1. I love reading your blog! What a happy update.

  2. That is so exciting. I like how you are taking such good care of yourself.